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One Stop Solution in the World of Water Purification

Posted by Administrator on 11/7/2009

Water purification systems are of various categories. In fact, filtration or purification of water is of prime importance anywhere, be it in homes, hotels, hospitals, schools, or offices. Consumption of pure, germ free water is known to ward off many serious illnesses. The market of water purifiers is flooded with various brands, customized to cater to individual needs. There are the regular water filters, reverse osmosis filtration systems, UV disinfectant systems, and UV water sterilizers which are all effective in removing impurities and destroying many microorganisms which contaminate the water.

What is a UV Sterilizer?

A UV sterilizer makes use of a UV light source that is enclosed in a transparent protective sleeve. It is installed in such a manner that water passes through a flow chamber, and UV rays are allowed in and absorbed into the water, killing the viruses and bacteria that may be living there. A UV sterilizer’s ultraviolet light plays a major role in pond algae control which causes a green pond. This system is also effective in a home aquarium. Here the water is generally made to pass through a regular filter to remove any solid particles, and then it is passed through the UV
sterilizer for achieving total purification.

Basic factors to take care for increasing the efficiency of a UV sterilizer

A UV sterilizer works well as long as the bulb wattage is enough and the bulb is not very old. The effectiveness of the unit also is dependent on the cleanliness of the quartz sleeve and the flow rate of the system. With the passage of time, the bulb might lose its effectiveness. This is the reason why one should replace it preferably at 6 months interval. The flow rate is another prime factor to consider – a flow rate that is slow, effectively kills parasites, in addition to bacteria and algae. The quartz sleeve is situated at the juncture where the UV bulb fits into the unit.
Many individuals ignore this part of the UV sterilizer and forget to regularly clean it up. Cleaning and maintenance helps to remove buildup and takes care of the fact that the UV sterilizer continues to work effectively.

It is very easy to get hold of UV water sterilizers, either through an online supplier or in local stores. UV water sterilizers are in great demand amongst those who maintain aquariums, and are particularly skeptical about using other systems of water purification.

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