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Magnetic Water Conditioner

Posted by Administrator on 12/18/2009

A magnetic water conditioner treats water with a magnetic field. The magnetic water conditioner includes a tank having an inlet operable to receive water from a pump and an outlet operable to discharge the water. The magnetic water conditioner is installed in close proximity to the pump. A plurality of permanent magnet members are aligned and spaced apart in the interior of the tank with north and south poles disposed at opposite sides of the permanent magnet members. The water flows through the gaps between the permanent magnet members, thus being subjected to magnetic fields created by the permanent magnet members.

The magnetic water conditioner is said to work by a process of polarization in order to remove the scale deposits in hard water. Polarization is said to prevent the minerals from hard water from sticking to pipes. The conditioner causes the scale to eventually collect in magnetic water at the bottom of a water heater where it is then drained. A magnetic water conditioning system transmits a magnetic charge into the water that causes suspended mineral deposits to loosen and wash through a water system, rather than to cling to pipes, dishes, fixtures, etc.

Instead of using a water softener, which replaces valuable calcium and magnesium with sodium, use a magnetic water conditioner, which changes the orientation of water's mineral ions. Hard water treated in this way will 'behave' as if it was softened. This gives you the best of both worlds: all of the beneficial minerals present in hard water along with many of the cleansing benefits salt-softened water provides. One of the positive aspects of using a magnetic water conditioner is that it is environmentally friendly. Other types of water conditioners require the use of salt or other chemicals to condition water, whereas the magnetic conditioner does not. This can also result in a cost savings as the owner does not have to purchase chemicals to keep the conditioner functioning.

Many consumers appreciate the easy set up of magnetic water conditioners as compared to the other types of conditioners. Magnetic conditioners are usually easy to install because they clamp on to pipes and feed lines. They can be used at the feed lines of different home appliances, such as dishwashers and water heaters.

Probably the most significant general trend in water treatment is the move away from chemical-based treatment technologies...as a replacement for most water-softening equipment. But still, most of the experts say that it's a myth. And we believe that too.

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