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IPW Industries Inc. opens a new line of specialty replacement water filters

Posted by Tai on 6/3/2012

Replacement water filters are getting more expensive over time because of the cost of resources and transportation costs for the build of materials. Over the past 5 years, replacement water filter cartridges increased over 5% per year.  What used to cost $10.00 back then is on the upwards range of $13.00 now.   Of course, this doesn’t seem that much when we are speaking of just one $10 item but imagine replacing all your water filter cartridges over the course of the year.  Most systems tend to have at least 3-5 filters which all need to be replaced every six months.  Now, you are speaking of what used to be $50.00 per six months to what is now $63 per six months.  That’s a $26 increase per year. 

IPW Industries Inc. has opened a new line of specialty replacement water filters including Activated Alumina, KDF, Catalytic Carbon, Mixed Bed DI, Water Softening Resin, Nitrate Selective Resin, Calcite, and Phosphate media.  IPW Industries Inc. was determined to create cost effective water filter cartridges without compromising the filter quality.  These filter cartridges are well designed cartridges capable built for minimal flow restriction.  The media used in each of these cartridges are of high quality graded brands like Clack, Purolite, KDF, and Alamo.  It’s hard enough having to deal with a hard economy, but now IPW Industries Inc. with a direct buy solution.  By buying IPW Industries Inc. directly, you’ll be able to cut out the middle man and get better priced filter cartridges for less. 

Each special media replacement water filters have their own uses.  For example, calcite is made of calcium bicarbonate which is used as a buffering agent to balance acidic water and bring water back to a neutral 7 pH.  KDF has several uses depending on what grade but it has been known to have extraordinary life with Chlorine removal and can also remove heavy metals or even iron and hydrogen sulfide.  Mixed Bed DI resins are used to remove any charged ion in the water.  The list of what these medias can do can go on a whole other article. 

IPW Industries Inc’s specialty replacement water filters have helped give the industry lower prices with a high quality standard.  They build everything in house to ensure quality control. These filters can be used as pre- or post- treatment to all types of water filtration systems. For more information on IPW Industries Inc.’s replacement filters, contact them at (714) 541-6600

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