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Fleck 5800 & 5810

The Fleck (Pentair) 5800 series Valve body and controllers

Fleck 5800 Series Valves for Residential and Commercial Water Softening

The Fleck 5800 series Valve comes in three different sizes, ¾” 5800, 1” 5810, and 1 ¼” 5812. The 5800 series Fleck valves are a simple solution to many filtration and softening needs, being developed with same platform, the 5810, and 5812 valves are visibly similar in appearance, and offer the same flexibility as the 5800 valve, while keeping carrying costs low. Another really nice feature that is standard on this valve series is that they use a soft water brine refill. The 5800 series offers High-Flow solutions for both residential and small commercial solutions. You will also notice that you can get different controllers for each valve size, and are also able to interchange 3 separate pistons with the same snap fit seal and spacer system. It uses a standard valve body so you can use this valve for down flow, up flow, and your filtering needs.

Fleck 5800 Water Softener Series

5800 Series Controllers

With the three different valve sizes, the Fleck 5800 series also comes with three different controllers. The LXT controller, (not used on 5810 or 5812), comes with a midsize LCD display that can be preprogrammed for both softening and filtering. It can also be set as a time clock, or metered controller. Set up is easy: you only need to set 5 different parameters to completely set up this controller. The SXT is the second controller, and it has a larger LCD display and similar functions as the LXT but is completely customizable with each of the programmable settings. The XTR2 is the third controller, and it offers a premium touch screen LCD with 2 programmable relay outputs for normally open, and normally closed circuits. Any of these controllers will take care of your softening needs, what you need to decide is how detailed you want to be when programming. The XTR2 also has a very interesting new programmable option that is called vacation mode. Vacation mode allows you to essentially put your water softener to sleep when you leave on vacation so that it does not regenerate for any reason while you are away. The best part is, is that if you forget to take it off of vacation mode when you come back from you trip, after 150 gallons of water have been used, the valve will automatically come out of vacation mode, and revert back to its normal settings. This is extremely beneficial as it will save on water while you are away, and makes it so you have one less thing to worry about when you come back from your vacation.

Flow Rates

With three separate valves, come three separate flow rates. The Fleck 5800 has service flow rates of 21 gallons per minute, with peak flow rates reaching 27 gallons per minute, it also backwashes at a rate of 17 gallons per minute. The 5810 has service flow rates of 30 gallons per minute, peak flow rates of 47 gallons per minute, and will backwash at 28 gallons per minute. The 5812 service flow rates are 35 gallons per minute, peak flow rates at 59 gallons per minute, and backwashes at 45 gallons per minute. All of these numbers are very respectable and will meet or exceed the needs and demand for most if not all applications.


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