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Fleck 5800, 5810, 5812

Posted by Tai on 6/8/2017

What's the difference between Fleck 5800, 5810, and 5812?

So everyone is wondering where are all these new Fleck valves coming from and why they can't find it online.  Even we can't sell them directly online either.  There's a reason for that as well.  Fleck is trying to be like Clack where they will only allow local dealers to sell this valve.  This is to help local dealers with the growing online competition and to help grow the value of the Fleck valves!  Well all this is great for businesses but what about the customers?  You'll have to call businesses directly (like us) in order to get actual pricing for these systems simply because we (and other dealers) are contractually obligated to do so. 

So what's the difference between these new Fleck valves and the old Fleck valves? These new Fleck 58xx series valves actually have a much stronger motor than those of the previous series.  Fleck 5800, 5810, and 5812 uses a DC motor which drives the gears much faster than the old AC motors on a Fleck 5600 or 7000.  The Fleck 5800 valve is a direct replacement for the Fleck 5600 and Fleck 5600 SXT. Fleck 5810s are replacing the Fleck 7000 and the new Fleck 5812 is a higher flow than that of the Fleck 7000 which is more for light commercial use. 

The valves have been made in such a way where repairing or replacing parts on a valve do not require any real tools other than a simple screw driver.  Everything on the valve is made to clip together (except for the L bracket, main gear, and circuit board).  It's perfect for most dealers who need to make quick repairs without the hassle of removing several parts to get access to the damaged item.  

The new 5800 series valves also have two versions one being the SXT and the XTR2.  The SXT valve is a like the standard SXT where it has just 4 buttons to control the valve.  The XTR2 has a touch screen which is more aesthetically appealing but doesn't have much more function.  The XTR2 does have the added feature of diagnostics.  Other than that there is not much difference between the SXT and XTR2.  Both SXT and XTR2 come with a programmable relay output which is useful but not necessary.

The only real downside is the fragility of the valve.  These valves do have a fragile frame which can easily break - this is typically seen when these valves are shipped.  However for local customers, they may never see this as they are more carefully handled by the dealer.

Overall these are great valves with just minor improvements over the old valves.   Contact us at 714-541-6600 for pricing and availability.

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