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Five Reasons Why You Should Look into Refrigerator Water Filters

Posted by on 10/25/2019

Your refrigerator water comes from the house plumbing and is susceptible to the same contamination that can compromise your house's tap water is. By installing a refrigerator water filter, you side-step this contamination problem and get fresh filtered water, which has a whole host of benefits for you and your household.

Great-Tasting Water

Fluoride and chlorine are regularly added to municipal and county water systems. Although they arguably do some good, they also degrade the taste of your water. With a refrigerator water filter in place, you'll have fresh-tasting water that is free of fluoride, chlorine and the bad tastes they can cause.

Healthier Water

In addition to fluoride and chlorine, your tap water might contain particulates that aren't the best for human consumption such as bacteria, pipe debris, other small metallic particles as well as dirt. Quality refrigerator water filters will keep these less-than-desirable materials out of your potable water stream and give you water that is much purer and tastier than that from your tap.

Money Savings

You can get all the filtered water you want without a filter if you want to buy water bottles. The problem with doing this is you'll spend a lot more money over time by buying water bottles than you would by installing a refrigerator water filter. Some estimates put the cost of bottled water at 1000x that of tap water. At that cost, refrigerator water filters pay themselves off in no time at all.

Environmentally Beneficial

Without the need to purchase bottled water, you'll save the earth from your steady stream of empty water bottles. After you have a refrigerator water filter installed, you really only need one bottle, which you can keep using over and over again.

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