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Drinking Water Filters For Tap Water Sources made by Watts

Posted by Tai on 4/10/2012

Government supplied water lines go through stringent regulations in order to provide us with clean potable water. This water is so clean that it is considered to be safer and cleaner than most of the bottled water companies. So why is it that we still need drinking water filters?   The most notable additive the government adds is the chlorine in the water which is used to disinfect the water from any harmful microorganisms. Some cities take it a step further and use bromine or add fluoride in the water. Although fluoride is considered a good additive to prevent tooth decay, too much can always lead to more problems than solutions.

By simply removing the chlorine in tap water, you can have great drinking water. Watts makes the high grade drinking water filters ranging from simple cartridge filters to reverse osmosis systems.  All of Watts systems are precision made and NSF certified.  Watt’s carbon filter systems remove more than just chlorine, taste, and bad odor. It also removes organic compounds, pesticides, and herbicides. You can always take it a step further and use their reverse osmosis systems to create highly purified drinking water.  Some of the larger bottled water companies use this as one of their stages in creating their final product. In fact, these same bottled water companies use the same tap water source and use a reverse osmosis system to create bottled water.

Of course you can always modify your drinking water filter by changing the type of filters inside the system.  Most systems are set up with a standard carbon block but you can get specialty carbon block filters to increase the life and the range of contaminant removal.  There are lead removal carbon filters, VOC and CYST removal carbon filters, and even carbon blocks made of coconut shell base to give you that sweeter taste.  Coconut shell base filters are becoming quite common now because of its high chlorine capacity and great after taste.

You’ll be able to find any kind of filter for any kind of water filter situation. However, you’ll find that any carbon block will be more than enough for most tap water sources.  Even for those water sources that have additives like fluoride, you can find special media filters like activated alumina to make your water drinkable.

Watt’s reverse osmosis systems use high quality water filter cartridges that taste great and offer good flow.  They are easy to install in under 60 minutes and can be down by almost anyone.  With a reverse osmosis system, you’ll find that there is no real need to purchase or use specialty filters because of its high rejection rate. So consider getting a Watt’s drinking water system the next time you intend to purchase a new system for your home.

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