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Does Your Family Need a Water Filter?

Posted by on 11/1/2018

Whether you’re looking to go greener or just want clean, fresh water at hand all the time. Regardless of why you’re considering getting a water filtration system, here are a few reasons why you’re making the right decision for your family and the planet:

Better Than Bottled

Why worry about getting a water filtration system when you can just buy bottled water? After all, you have to buy the system, the plastic cartridge filter, and any necessary accessories – why go to all that trouble?

The truth is bottled water isn’t required to be any healthier than tap water. That’s right – that fancy, expensive water you buy in those beautiful bottles that claims to be great for your body is probably no more beneficial than the water that comes out of your tap. Government regulations do not require companies that sell bottled water to provide information about their purity – which is required of all municipal water supplies. That means that water you buy in bottles may be even dirtier or more dangerous than what you could get at home, unfiltered.

Independent research found nearly 40 chemicals and contaminants – including fertilizers, pain medications, and even arsenic – in water sold in bottles. So, maybe it’s time to install a filter instead of buying those pricey bottles!

Safe, Easy, Convenient

Getting water at home that’s of better quality than bottled obviously isn’t hard, but what about getting water for your family that meets your own standards of quality? From being free of contaminants to tasting delicious for drinking, home-filtered water provides everything you’re looking for without the hefty price tag of bottled beverages.

While there is an initial investment to put a filtration system in your home – and regular investments for parts such as replacement plastic cartridge filters – you can rest assured that these expenses add up to less than you would spend per ounce for water purchased in bottles – and it’s safer and cleaner, to boot!

Of course, there’s also the added benefit of doing your part to save the planet when you purchase a filter rather than bottled water. Every year, over 500 million plastic bottles end up in landfills, lakes, rivers, oceans, and littering the land where they are thrown away. Recycling efforts can’t keep pace; only one-third of all bottles are recycled. So, if you want to do your part to keep things clean – including your water – invest in a filtration system to drastically reduce your family’s water-related waste.

For everything you need to put a filtration system in place in your family’s home, shop our selection at Isopure Water. We’ll help you get what you need to get clean, fresh, delicious-tasting water – with less waste and wasted money!

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