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Cracked Fleck 5600/5800 SXT Turbines

Posted by Tai on 1/2/2015
New Fleck 5600 SXT and 5800 SXT softeners tend to have a lighter plastic turbine which is being used.  These turbines are actually plastic unlike the valve itself which is made of noryl.  These turbines are very fragile and for a long period of time, we've noticed an increase in the number of cracked turbines lately.  

We wanted to show a type of crack that is not under any kind of manufacturer warranty simply because it is called a stress crack.  A stress crack happens when something has been over tightened and adds unnecessary pressure to the item. In the case of a Fleck valve, the stress occurs when someone attempts to over tightened the side clamps on the turbine and causes the crack.
The above picture in the red circle is the location of where a stress point is.  The crack is caused due to the over tightening of the side clamp.  It may or may not occur immediately but it can and will occur within a few weeks time.  Unfortunately, this is what we call an installation problem.  Most people feel as if the connection is too flimsy or not secure so they try to tighten it but in doing so it causes stress to the turbine and eventually causes a crack.  Manufacturers do not warranty this problem simply because it is caused by bad installation practices.   When it comes to tightening the side clamps, you only need to tighten enough so that the clamp will not slip out of position - any further then that will cause stress and crack the turbine over time.  Never use a power tool to tighten the valve and only tighten it enough to ensure that the clamp doesn't slip out of place.

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