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Best Shower Filter

Posted by Administrator on 12/8/2009

If you love to spend hours in the shower but are unaware of the disadvantages of not having a shower filter then this article is for you. Showers are both necessary and beneficial. It has been confirmed by the experts that the shower is the best way to release your stress and tension. It not only eases out your worries a bit but also provides you with immense pleasure. But majority of the people forget that the water with which they are bathing contains chlorine.

Over the last decade the cosmetic benefits of showering in filtered water have been realized and experienced by millions of consumers around the world. It�s so noticeable, you can feel the difference in your skin and hair the very first time you use a shower filter. Any one who has ever gone swimming in a chlorinated pool can readily relate to the harsh drying effect that chlorine has on your skin and hair. By removing chlorine from your shower water you allow your skin and hair to retain their natural moisture content for a softer feel and more youthful appearance. It�s like showering in natural spring water.

There�s no question you need a filter for your shower, but unfortunately many shower filters don�t work as well as they should. Most use a one-step filtration that only partially removes chlorine. Plus, synthetic chemicals that are smaller than water molecules, such as herbicides and pesticides, can pass right through these one-step filters. So while you�re exposed to less chlorine, you�re still showering with and breathing in potentially harmful contaminates.

In a recent survey it was revealed that the best shower filter avoids the emergence of various diseases like cancer and lung diseases. They also keep your hair nutrients intact and give you the glooming and soft hairs. The main quality of the best shower filter is that despite having array of benefits and features still they are easily affordable as they are available at a very competitive price range. Internet is the most suitable place to buy the best shower filter as you have the widest range available. One of our favorite products is Aquasana Shower Filter. It use a unique double-filtration technology with two filters. The first filter, made from a copper/zinc medium, removes chlorine. The result is water that leaves your skin feeling softer and your hair more elastic.

Step two of the process is a high-grade coconut shell carbon filter that removes smaller synthetic chemicals, including herbicides and pesticides. Without this second filter, these chemicals can vaporize and be inhaled with the steam from a hot shower. We conclude that showering in chemical-free water is as important as drinking chemical-free water, do not over look it.

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