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5 Top Tips on How to Pick the Best Whole House Filtration System

Posted by on 1/23/2018

Contaminants in your water could be why you keep getting sick. If your old filtration system isn’t measuring up, here are top tips on how to find the best whole house water filtration system:

Know what you’re dealing with

Have the water tested first, says This Old House. Once you know what kind of contaminants are present, you’ll be able to shop around for filtration products that fit the bill. That’s because filtration systems are often designed to eliminate certain—and not all—contaminants. Given this, going in blind and just buying any kind of filtration system might not help. You’ll need to know what kind of contaminants are possibly causing problems in your water. Once you know, you can take steps to efficiently and effectively address that issue instead of taking a shot in the dark that might not work out at all.

Do your research

Once you get the water quality report, you now know what kind of contaminants are causing problems in your water. This is where a bit of research comes in handy. Check out what kind of filtration systems are best for eliminating those contaminants. Make up a list if you must.

Narrow it down

Check out the features of those filtration systems then think long and hard to determine which ones are essential to you. This will help you narrow down your options.

Check usage

Whether you go for a basic, no-frills unit or one that’s fully loaded with all the bells and whistles, make sure of one thing: that it’s easy and simple to use. Complicated systems aren’t going to be a hit with the rest of your family. Also, if the controls are too complex, that could mean operating mistakes. If you or members of your family have a hard time understanding how to operate the appliance, you could all end up dealing damage to the system simply by pushing the wrong button. If you’re investing in a costly filtration system, then you’ll want to make sure that doesn’t happen. To be on the safe side of things, simply go for a whole house water filtration system that’s simple and easy to use.

Pick a location

Be sure to pick out a location for your water filtration system before you buy one. Consider the size and space you can set aside. If you have plenty of room, then going for the larger systems won’t be a problem.

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