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5 Steps to Shop for the Right Filtration System

Posted by on 6/3/2017

Finding the best pure water filtration system for your home isn't easy. Luckily, these tips can help smooth the process over:

Test your water

Different filtration systems suit different water conditions. There's no use in buying an expensive filtration system if it's going to prove ineffective against the particles, contaminants and chemical substances in your water. That or if the only problem with your water happens to be grit, sediments, rust particles and dirt, says Home Tips. Having your water tested will let you know what you're up against. Once you have the results, it will be much easier to determine which purification or filtration systems will work best for you.

Review your water quality report

Your water supplier should send this to you every year. The report can help you shed light on the kind of unregulated chemicals that might be living in your water. If you can't understand the report, reach out to your water supplier and ask them to clarify any confusing details.

Make a list

Once you have identified the problem, it is then time to make up a list of the pure water filtration system options out in the market. A list keeps things organized from start to finish – a helpful tool to make your life miserable.


Knowing which filters and what kind of contaminants they're ideal for should help you a lot with your search for the right filtration system. For instance, carbon filters are great for trapping lead, chlorine, pesticides, radon, and even some types of bacteria, to name a few. Reverse osmosis systems are great for removing fluoride, sulfates, pharmaceuticals as well as chlorides that make your water salty in taste. Distillers are best suited for home uses and can remove heavy metals, fluoride, lead and mercury.

Read those reviews

Once you find out which items you like, go online and look for reviews about the units, systems and products. Be thorough by checking up on manufacturers as well. With enough time and patience, finding out which units make for a satisfying choice and which ones are a bad bet should be obvious enough, saving you a great deal of money and time in the process. After all, those reviews could have effectively kept you from making a costly mistake. That's why it's a wise idea not to skip them.

Make the most out of the money you'll spend by investing in the best option available for your specific needs. If you're ready to shop for options, reach out to us for help and assistance.

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