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"Toilet To Tap" Wastewater To Potable -- What Can You Do To Ensure Your Water Is Safe?

Posted by on 1/5/2011

Iso Pure Water, the leading supplier of water purification systems to residential and business founded in 2005 with one mission - Pure Water for Pure Life, responds to California's renewed "Toilet to Tap" water reclamation project(s).

Water conservation and reclamation continues to be a topic in the news. The United Nations predicts that severe water shortages affecting at least 400 million people today will affect 4 billion people, more than half of humanity, by 2050. Prevention of the looming water crisis should receive top priority, according to UN Secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon.

In an effort to seek viable alternatives California announced a couple of years ago an initiative in Orange County, whereby wastewater would be converted into drinking water. Plans were put in place to create filtration solutions, then were shelved due to public concerns.

In August of this year, the San Diego City Council re-launched the pilot program noting its prior history with the public and political opposition. Much of the concern, from the public, surrounds the cleanliness and drinkability of the water. There are many that have raised concerns in the treatment and purification of the water from waste to potable.

�Being environmental friendly and encouraging others to recycle by converting wastewater to drinking water may sound like a great idea, however, because we still do not know what type of waste people continue to pour down their sinks the public should not support this program. We have significant concerns about how water plants will be converting wastewater to clean potable water� shared Tai Pham, CEO, Isopure Water and leading expert on water filtration. �In order to address the concerns about the �Toilet to Tap� program, Isopure Water is able to provide safe drinking water for both residential and commercial use through our water filtration systems.� Pham continued, �We want the community to embrace the ability to recycle, but not at the risk of safety and health. Adding water purification systems to your home or business will help protect against harmful toxins, not caught by local water treatment plants.�

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