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How Does a Water UV Sterilizer Work to Disinfect Water?

Posted on 9/27/2011 by
UV Disinfection Sterilizing Systems are one of two FDA approved methods in disinfecting water. The other method is chlorine disinfection which literally kills 99.9% of all microorganisms if done correctly. UV Systems have the same disinfection rate as chlorine but it leaves microorganisms in a different state than chlorine.
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Common Faucet Water Flow Problems with Residential Reverse Osmosis Systems

Posted on 9/22/2011 by
If you are having problems getting a good water flow from your reverse osmosis system, then this guide can help you figure out what is causing the problem. Squidoo
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IsopureWater.com Takes a Website Reboot

Posted on 9/14/2011 by
Being able to find the right water filters, reverse osmosis systems, or even water softeners can be quite difficult because of the wide range of products. Two filters side-by-side may look the same but may bq quite different in terms of what they do. That is why it is so important to have a clear understanding what you are getting.
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Clean Water Does the Body Good

Posted on 9/9/2011 by
How often do you grab that glass of water and wonder, “Is this water clean? Is this water safe to drink?”

Drinking water quality is sometimes taken for granted, especially when we’re simply drinking the water flowing from our faucets. When you take into account that not only you, but your children and pets are drinking this water, it’s critical to consider the quality and purity of the water.
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