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Staying Hydrated In The Summer Heat: How Much Water Is Enough?

Posted on 6/20/2011 by
As the summer heats up, it is more important than ever to be sure we�re drinking enough water.  This leads to the age-old question of how much is really enough?
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Why Is Water So Important To Our Health?

Posted on 6/9/2011 by
When you consider the importance of water to each person�s wellbeing, it�s surprising to think of how we really do take it for granted.  We think of water as being plentiful and always available, almost like the air we breathe.  However, the availability of water is at risk around the world and it's scarcity in many places has revealed some of the truths about the benefits of having clean drinking water.  Have you ever really thought about why water, especially clean water, is so important?
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A Few Contaminants with Your Drinking Water?

Posted on 6/1/2011 by
The average American spends a lot of time reading food and product labels.  We pay a lot of attention to the calories, fat and preservatives in the food we eat, so it would make sense to know what is in the water we�re drinking, right?  It would be wonderful to assume that because it is coming from a tap it is clean, but that isn�t always the case.  In fact, public drinking water contains many contaminants � some are harmless, many are not.
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