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Stay Healthy - Replace Your Water Filter

Posted on 5/18/2011 by
The first step to healthy drinking water is getting a water filtration system.  The next step is maintaining clear water filters.  Most water filter cartridges have a life span based on the gallons of water filtered.   People often forget to change their filters because they�ve lost track of time or forgotten to mark their calendar for the next filter change.  Many times when people do remember to check their filters, they are mislead by the appearance of a seemingly clean cartridge housing.
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Is Bottled Drinking Water All It�s Bottled Up To Be?

Posted on 5/12/2011 by
Surprisingly when it comes to the beverage of choice it appears that more Americans still drink water over milk, coffee or beer.  This water, however, is bottled.  More than half of all Americans drink bottled water equating to an estimated eight billion gallons of bottled drinking water.  Fueled by ads picturing unspoiled glaciers, crystal-clear water springs surrounded by green forests, and mountain vistas hosting magnificent waterfalls, consumers are left with mouthwatering images of pure bottled water.  But do we know the real source of that bottled drinking water?  Are the images of purity wholly accurate?
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Why Every Home Should Have a Water Filtration System

Posted on 5/4/2011 by
When you grab a glass of water from your kitchen faucet, do you ever stop to think about how clean that water really is?  Although, it would be nice to assume that the water flowing from your tap has been purified and is contaminant free; unfortunately, that isn�t necessarily the case.  Keep in mind that �clean� is relative and what is potable isn�t necessarily void of harmful bacteria and contaminants.
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