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Members of the Water Quality Association

Reverse Osmosis: What The Process Is And Why It?s Important

Posted by Administrator on 11/29/2010
Everyone has that friend. That friend that refuses to drink tap water, water that isn?t cold or water without ice but what about refusing to drink unfiltered water? Everyone should be that friend. Although modern water systems in the United States are clean and provide safe drinking water, water supplied from a tap are just better left for activities such as a washing the car or watering the lawn,  as they contain higher levels of salt and bacteria killing agents.

Drinking Water Ban, A Result Of Poor Water Filtration

Posted by Administrator on 11/26/2010
Advanced water filters were unable to eliminate the most recent contaminate from the water systems of Barstow, California which resulted in nearly a week long water ban for residents.

New Water Filtration Technology Could Aid Countries In Need

Posted by Administrator on 11/22/2010
Low cost water filter systems, although are easy and cost effective to maintain in urban and suburban areas of developing countries where many citizens are able to utilize the systems, they are quite costly to those who reside in rural areas or less populated villages.

Proper Aquarium Water Quality With Reverse Osmosis Systems

Posted by Administrator on 11/16/2010
Do you ever wonder how people's aquarium or reef systems stay so clean or at least much cleaner than your own? The main reason is because most aquarium hobbyists use some type of reverse osmosis system to obtain such a clean purified water. There are so many benefits to using reverse osmosis (ro) systems for your aquarium including less maintenance on cleaning tanks, less algae growth, and it's easier to pH balance the water.

Water Filter System Presented By High School Students to President Obama

Posted by Administrator on 11/15/2010
Long gone are the days of after school science projects as two high school students from Knoxville, Tennessee presented President Obama in Washington, D.C. with their completion of a micro-scale, hydro-electric powered water filter system that is designed to clean surface water.

Purified Water Systems Brought To Developing Villages Through Team Effort

Posted by Administrator on 11/15/2010
Clean water, a luxury many take granted, will finally be brought to the citizens of the small Mexican village, Cedralito, on the Yucatan peninsula. The village already has a water source for its residents, however, the water contains disease causing microbes that inflicts diarrhea so severe that many children of this small village die before they even reach the age of five.