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Saving Money with Water Filters

Posted on 11/18/2009 by
Do you filter your water? Are you interested in saving hundreds of dollars every year? Water filter is one way to remove the grains, the grit, and the elements from your water making it safer and healthier to drink. Purchasing a water filter is a less obvious way to many of us to save money and decrease our living expenses. If you can’t stand the taste of your tap water, you may have already decided to purchase bottled water, as a better alternative. But there’s a more cost-effective way to obtain fresher, better tasting and healthier water.
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Using a Water Filter for a Healthier Lifestyle

Posted on 11/18/2009 by
Natural, healthy lifestyle can occur only by increasing one's intake of pure, healthy water. Water is not only the number-one ingredient for a healthy body on the inside; it also plays the lead role in maintaining a healthy and youthful appearance on the outside.
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Shower Filters: Softer Skin and Hair

Posted on 11/16/2009 by
A shower filter removes chlorine and other chemicals from your shower water. This process has several benefits for better health and cosmetic benefits. We’ll discuss a few of them here.
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Bottled Water Vs. Filtered Tap Water

Posted on 11/12/2009 by
It's unbelievable. When it comes to bottled water vs. tap water, so many people just assume that bottled water is the way to go and is better than tap water. But is it really true? What advantages do you get from the bottled version of water? Let's find out.
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Reverse Osmosis Systems for Aquarium Water Quality

Posted on 11/11/2009 by
Ever wonder why your friend's fish tank is cleaner than yours? Or how come you have to clean twice as much as him when you both use the same products and have the same kind of fish? It's probably because he is using some type of water filter but not just any kind - it's most likely a reverse osmosis (ro) system. A reverse osmosis system will remove a very good majority of impurities out of the water. Impurities like phosphates, nitrates, and heavy metals exist in most water sources even in bottled water.
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Water Softeners - An Indispensable Requirement for Any Industry

Posted on 11/7/2009 by
Water generally turns acidic as it has to pass through an ongoing cycle. It falls as rain or snow, becomes polluted with environmental dirt, and then evaporates into the atmosphere, to complete the cycle. The whole process contributes towards water becoming "hard" or "acidic". Hard water usually contains greater amount of such minerals, as magnesium, iron and calcium, per gallon, than is normally necessary. Water treatment is vital for every industry. The manufacturers of industrial water softeners help a particular industry to meet the standard water quality requirements needed for consistent processes and production. In the industries, the same technique of water softening is followed, as in the domestic sphere, but on a higher scale.
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One Stop Solution in the World of Water Purification

Posted on 11/7/2009 by
Water purification systems are of various categories. In fact, filtration or purification of water is of prime importance anywhere, be it in homes, hotels, hospitals, schools, or offices. Consumption of pure, germ free water is known to ward off many serious illnesses. The market of water purifiers is flooded with various brands, customized to cater to individual needs. There are the regular water filters, reverse osmosis filtration systems, UV disinfectant systems, and UV water sterilizers which are all effective in removing impurities and destroying many microorganisms which contaminate the water.
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What is a good drinking water filter system?

Posted on 11/7/2009 by
Any local water filtration dealer will always try to sell you on the most expensive and largest marked up priced drinking water filter; but you don't have to break the piggy bank to have safe great tasting drinking water. The problem with buying water purification systems is that you need to find out what is in the water in order to make the right purchase that suits you and your needs. Every water sources contains different contaminants even your neighbor's water may show different results than your own.
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Is drinking reverse osmosis water unhealthy?

Posted on 11/7/2009 by
Since when was drinking purified water unhealthy? Can water ever be too pure to drink? These are the types of questions you will probably come across when you consider purchasing a reverse osmosis filtration system. Reverse osmosis is a type of water filtration where it physically separates water and molecules based on the physical size of the molecules down to 1/10,000 of a micron which is extremely small.
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How do reverse osmosis membranes work and what affects quality and production?

Posted on 11/7/2009 by
Osmosis is the flow from a high concentration of water to a low concentration of water. To help understand the flow of water imagine a sealed filled water balloon with a hole in it what happens to the water inside? The water quickly leaves balloon because of the concentration of water inside the balloon is higher than outside which makes the water wants to equalize the concentration of water.
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Multiple Contaminant Removal with KDF Process Media

Posted on 11/7/2009 by
There are many different types of filtration media in the marketplace and each one claiming different things or having better results than others. The one media that is a step above the rest is the KDF process media. It is a special granulated mixture of copper and zinc-based alloys that can treat water through redox reactions. A redox reaction is explained simplest as a physical change in molecules or elements whether it is a splitting or an adding other molecules together. Therefore, the presence of harmful contaminants is changed into harmless components.
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