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Why Is Water So Important To Our Health?

Posted on 6/9/2011 by

When you consider the importance of water to each person�s wellbeing, it�s surprising to think of how we really do take it for granted.  We think of water as being plentiful and always available, almost like the air we breathe.  However, the availability of water is at risk around the world and it's scarcity in many places has revealed some of the truths about the benefits of having clean drinking water.  Have you ever really thought about why water, especially clean water, is so important?

Simply put, water is a vital part of both our environment and our body composition.  It covers nearly three quarters of the earth�s surface and roughly 70% of the human body is made up of water.  A human can live without food for about a month, but one can only live without water for about a week.  Really it is essential that water be part of just about everything we eat and drink.

When it comes to our survival, water intake is crucial.  Drinking sufficient amounts of water has been connected to overall good health.  Water is also known to be an antidote to some of the more troublesome and inconvenient health problems such as obesity.  Drinking adequate amounts of water can also decrease the risk of certain types of cancers, including colon cancer, bladder cancer, and breast cancer. Amazingly it has the potential to be one of the most useful and cost effective medicinal substances that we have access to.

The benefits of clean water are comprised by the existence of bacteria and dangerous chemicals contaminating much of the water we drink.  Despite efforts to clean, purify and provide safer sources of water, dangerous contaminants continue to be present in our drinking water.  Data has shown that these contaminants, most of which are undetectable by sight or taste, can lead to diseases such as asthma or even Parkinson�s disease.

It is important to understand what is in the water we�re drinking.  Staying informed about water contaminants and their negative health effects allows us to ensure that we�re not missing out on the healthy benefits of consuming water.  Water is such a valuable resource, it�s just imperative that we know how to use it.

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