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Watts (WQC4RO11-50PTNF) 4 Stage KWIK CHANGE RO System 50 GPD w/ Plastic Tank

Watts (WQC4RO11-50PTNF) 4 Stage KWIK CHANGE RO System 50 GPD w/ Plastic Tank


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Watts® Kwik-Change™ Systems are designed for consumers that demand the "best". Unlike conventional reverse omosis systems, Watts drinking water systems with Kwik-Change cartridges have no sumps, so their proprietary filter elements and membranes are
easy to replace.

Features & Benefits
  • Cartridges are connected and removed with a simple 1/4 turn.
  • No filter sumps! No fuss! No mess!
  • Automatic shut-off when cartridges are removed.
  • Tank and faucet options available.
  • Valves are built into the heads to prevent back-flow for water quality assurance.
  • WQA Gold Seal Certified to NSF/ANSI Std. 58.
Kwik-Change RO System
  • No Sumps! No Mess! No Fuss!
  • Hinge bracket for easy handling.
  • Automatic shut off when cartridges are removed with a simple, 1/4 turn.
  • No need to disconnect tubing when replacing membranes.
  • Integrated check valves between cartridges and membrane prevent back-flow.
  • Cartridges have double o-rings so they will not leak.
  • Quick connect fittings for easy installation.

System Includes the Following Parts:

  • One Reverse Osmosis Filtration System (WQC4RO)
  • One 11" Carbon Block Filter (WQCCC11)
  • One 11" Sediment Filter (WQCSC11)
  • One 11" GAC Filter (WQCGAC11)
  • One 11" RO Membrane Filter (WQCM11-50)
  • Tubing (white)
  • One 4.4 gal tank
  • Installation kit and hardware


Great Investment
I purchased this RO system after moving to Nashville from Illinois, where I had used a (different) RO system for years. I found that the system was very easy to install and, more importantly, that it creates great tasting water. The system is more than capable of creating sufficient drinking water to support our daily needs. I find that the faucet that came with the unit is very well made and has a nice clean look, while have a solid feel - with no drips or issues. I have not yet had to replace the filters (only had the unit for ~2 months), but see that they filter replacement process is very straight forward and simple to perform.
Reviewed by: Joe D from Nashville, TN. on 10/20/2014
Great RO system
This really is a great compact RO system. I have the older style with the 9.75 x 2.5 sumps which are a real pain to change out the filters. I bought this system for my mother. Her house has a water pressure of about 50 psi with a temperature about 75F and the system will make RO water at the 50 GPD rate without the back pressure of the tank. Once the tank is connected the rate drops to about 38 GPD. This works about to about a cup of water every two minutes if you empty the tank. The replacement cartridges are reasonable priced on isopurewater (I bought my mom a spare set). The cartridges are easy to install and replace, just twist one way to remove and twist the other way install. The change out process did spray out a couple tablespoons of water and you really do need to shut off the water and release the water pressure by closing the valve to the tank and opening the water spout. Then the change out is a breeze; initially I tried to change out with the water still on and I had the filter about halfway installed and couldn't get it to twist and lock against the water pressure. The last complication is that part of the system uses 3/8 inch tubing and part use 1/4 inch tubing...I ended up having to buy a 3/8 to 1/4 inch adapter (~$5) at the local hardware store to complete the install...not a big deal, because I was reusing some hardware from a previous filter installation instead using everything supplied with this RO system. I may change out my old sump style system for one of these quick change system after I saw how easy it is to change the cartridges.
Reviewed by: Bradley Burns from Florida. on 10/18/2013


Questions & Answers

Q: How tall is the RO Pro water Tank?
Asked by:  - 2/15/2014 (Submit an answer)
A: 9" diameter x 21" height. The part number is a ropro4-w
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