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Water Treatment Facility Violates State Clean Water Laws

Posted on 2/16/2011 by

As if renters insurance wasn't a big enough headache to maneuver, an apartment complex  in Jefferson City, Missouri has been the unfortunate targeted victim of a water treatment facility that has been filed against by the Missouri Attorney General, Chris Kostner for violating the state of Missouri's Clean Water Law.

The waste treatment facility that is privately owned and operated allegedly violated a number of laws and is facing a civil penalty up to $10,000 per day per length of violation plus litigation fees and all costs associated with it. The water treatment facility flows directly into a tributary for the Lake of Ozarks, failed to renew a permit on the facility and did not comply with effluent limits. In addition to these major violations, the water treatment facility never installed a flow measurement mechanism and did not keep the waste treatment facility vegetation free.

The unfortunate downfall of this filed lawsuit against this water treatment facility are the affected residents of the apartment complex the facility serviced. Missouri's Attorney General Chris Kostner is outraged that these residents right to expect efficient clean water systems have been violated.

Residents of this complex are encouraged to install a water purification system, utilize another water supply facility and/or take necessary steps in protecting themselves from water that might be unsafe.

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