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Water Purification With Fruit? It's Possible!

Posted by on 3/10/2011

Water filtration systems come in all shapes and sizes at Iso Pure Water, however, adding to the mix of ways to purify water are banana peels. Yes, banana peels. (One more time? Yes. Banana peels!) Banana peels, commonly regarded as only useful in the Super Mario Kart video game and as a tool to help polish silverware, is now being utilized and tested as a water purification system developed by researchers in San Paulo, Brazil.

Water filtration systems currently operating in Brazil and in neighboring countries, although effective, are very expensive for the city and for the residents in smaller, remote areas, so researchers are exploring greener and more cost-effective options. Utilizing banana peels as a water filters has proven to be extremely effective as a greener option. Minced banana peels tested as a water filter were able to remove all contamination from metals, which can be very toxic to consumers.

The water in Brazil has been noted to be contaminated from farm runoff and industrial waste such as lead and copper, leaving consumers very ill or negatively affecting their health. Researchers say using banana peels, peanuts and even coconuts as a water filtration systems can greatly improve the water quality for remote areas and for areas that sit next to mines and/or industrial complexes. Who knew fruit could not only be good for the body but good for the water, too

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