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Water Filters...And The Dentist?

Posted by on 1/20/2011

Water filters and trips to the dentist, at first glance, don't appear to share a common bond however upon further review, they could be directly related. Lately, water filters and in-home water filtration systems have been receiving some negative publicity in the world of dentistry as many dentists are fearing that water filters are removing a vital 'ingredient' that has proven to be beneficial for teeth and gums, fluoride.

Fluoride has served as a preventative aid in preventing tooth decay, preventing cavities and strengthening tooth enamel and has been a mineral injected into the US water supply since the late 1940's. However, since the mid 1990's when at home water filters really became a trend and grew to now a household necessity, many of those filters could be filtering out this important mineral forcing many residents to take that dreaded trip to the dentist.

However, as the US water supply is currently dealing with issues such as contaminated water in larger cities, finding hexavalent chromium across the nation and lead pipes in smaller towns, in-home water filtration is slowly becoming less of a luxury and more of a need. As more and more residents are installing water filters into their homes, the decision between access to drinkable water versus drinking tap water to ensure healthy teeth and gums is a question that is being answered daily, with the latter being the losing choice.

Few studies, however, have been conducted revolving around long-term fluoride use and dental health and scientists are eager to address this concern. Many water filters actually allow fluoride to "slip through" the filters as it's a trace mineral and not identified as containment. Residents who are concerned about their own water filter should contact Iso Pure, however, Iso Pure continues to advise that installing an at home water filtration system is the best preventative measure one can take in aiding in well-being and keeping loved ones safe from contaminants constantly found in water.

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