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Virginia vs. The Clean Water Act?

Posted on 2/9/2011 by

The Clean Water Act might be facing some "unclean" opposition in the state of Virginia with a recent bill that passed by both houses of the state of Virginia General Assembly. This bill that was just passed will now limit federal regulation of enforcing regulations on clean water and water quality.

The bill was requested by the mining industry as permits for larger surface area mines were not approved for mining, stating that the enforcing the current monitoring of water quality within the area would be sacrificed if these permits were granted. Although this new bill will now allow larger surface area mines to be permitted, many environmental groups fear that the water quality and water purification within the state of Virginia and it's surrounding neighbors will be sacrificed.

The Clean Water Act, enforcing water purification and ensuring water quality, is feared to have been weakened with the passing of this bill, as it will now restrict state regulators from the ability to protect the public from pollution form coal mines. Not only that, the bill develops even further with revelation that it will also restrict and limit existing water purification system and tools that are already purifying or protecting water from toxic substances from mines.

The passing of this bill is expected to be opposed with an appeal and is suggested to be taken to the US Supreme Court for further debate.

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