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Solar Powered Water Filters Help Countries In Need

Posted by on 1/3/2011

More often than not, access to clean, filtered water is taken for granted throughout much of the United States, however, world wide, it's quite a privilege. Global awareness, relief funds and volunteer groups have significantly helped address this problem in developing countries and now it looks like smaller villages in the countries of Malaysia and Algeria will be getting a little help from mother nature--the sun.

Water purification systems for large numbers of people require a lengthy installation and higher levels of technology and electricity to operate as well as maintain. For remote villages and/or areas without ample roads for transporting these materials or wiring this technology, implementing a water purification system can actually do more harm than good over time as these villages would begin to struggle financially to maintain and operate these water purification systems

Utilizing the sun's solar power will allow smaller populations of people and remote villages access to clean, purified water without the upkeep and technology required by non-solar powered water purification systems. These systems in place for the villages in Malaysia and Algeria will be able to pump 100,000 liters of drinking water for 20 years. These water purification systems are also reverse osmosis water purification systems--as they filter out toxins through use of passing the water through a membrane.

The relief and aid group that has set up these solar powered systems have plans to further bring these water purification systems to villages in countries in the Middle East, Latin Americas and East Asia.

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