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Replacement Water Filters
Looking to replace water filters for your system but need help? Click here to find your water filtration system


Shop for Residential Replacement Water Filters

There are many different types of replacement water filters: some generic, some proprietary; and some are just built to your specific design or needs. Each filter inside that every unit has a function it needs to perform in order to get your water purified.  There are some standard filters that come in almost every system and a few specialty filters that are required for certain situations.

The most standard Residential Replacement Water Filters are the sediment and carbon filters. Sediment filters do exactly just that – remove sediment, dirt, sand, rust and other solid particulates.  Carbon filters remove the unseen elements of water such as Chlorine, Lead, THM, VOC, and many other items but can improve bad taste and odor. Both of these filters alone can be used as a whole house filter or as a pre-filter to something else like reverse osmosis, or UV germicidal disinfection. Inline water filters are typically used as a post-filter but can also be used as a standalone (sometimes seen as refrigerator filters).

We Sell Specialty & Carbon Water Filters

We also sell water filter replacement specialty filters include KDF media, Silver impregnated carbon, Polyphosphate, Activated Alumina, and many other “non-carbon” filters. There are a wide variety of media used to filter water and each have different purposes.  Each impurity or element in the water has a specific method of removal.  For example, Fluoride removal requires the use of Activated Alumina; Iron removal can be removed by KDF-85; acidic pH neutralization can use Calcite, Corosex, or even Alkaline filtration. Some specialty filters require or recommend using some pre-filtration in order to maximize the filter media. For example, mixed bed deionization resin is best used as a post-filter after reverse osmosis in order to maximize the life of the resin; Softening resin cartridges are best used prior to reverse osmosis if the water is extremely hard because hard water can cause membranes to prematurely clog. Always contact a certified water specialist if you wish to know the best methods of removing your contaminants.

At Isopure Water, we are proud to carry every type of filter required for your water needs.  We carry filters to fit your proprietary systems as well such as Hydrotech, Clack, Culligan, and Watts. Feel free to always contact us for help at (714) 541-6600 if you can't find exactly what you are looking for.

Replacement water filter cartridges come in various sizes and almost always require a water filter housing of some sort. There are three different types of filters typically used for water purification: sediment filters, carbon filters, and specialty water filters.