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New Water Filtration System For University Students

Posted by on 12/13/2010

Students attending Mansfield University in Pennsylvania will be able to sit back and enjoy a cold one come Spring 2011 and by cold one, a cold drink of filtered water that is.

As many cities throughout the US begin to replace old pipes and with many colleges updating their current facilities, installing water filters is a top priority throughout many cities and towns as well as college campuses across the United States. Water filtration systems are not only vital to ensuring residents have access to clean and safe drinking, but they�re also cost effective and easy to maintain with updated technologies such as micro filtration systems.

The new water filtration system for this university will be capable of producing 250,000 gallons of filtered water a day and will not only remove protozones such as giardia through micro filtration but will also use less chemicals in the process of disinfection. The universities current water system, which was first built in 1937, is only capable of producing 150,000 gallons of clean water a day and wastes up to 75,000 gallons a day as backwash.

Unique to this new water filtration systems is its ability to control tank levels and lower them during times when the system is not in use such as over the holiday break season. This ability will not only lower costs for the university but will also increase its operating ability and cut down on chemical costs and replacement filters.

The water filtration system was approved under a six million dollar budget and is expected to be up and running Spring 2011.

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