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NEW Fleck 5800 LXT and SXT

Posted by on 5/24/2013
Fleck's new 5800 SXT & LXT seems to be the new hype in the industry.  These valves are great whether it's a softener or filter valve you are looking for.  The 5800 LXT particularly has a much greater ease of programming then before.  The valve is much more straight forward then any of its predecessors.  

The LXT valve has such a great improvement to the programming.  There is no hidden language or no calculations needed to figure out.  The valve is smart enough to figure out all the calculations of dissolved salts, times required for backwash and even calculate the daily reserve capacity.  The 5800 LXT and SXT learns your daily water usage after 4 weeks and calculates your reserve capacity according to that data.  You'll never have to run out of soft water again!

Compared to the Fleck 5600 SXT, the Fleck 5800 LXT is could be a new standard in the future.  The greatest part about this valve is the DC powered motor.  The 5600 and 7000 valves have a much slower piston change during the regeneration/backwash cycle.  Each time a 5600 or 7000 valve has a piston change, it takes about 30 seconds for the piston to move into position.  However, the 5800 series only takes a one to two seconds to move into position.

Another great feature is the diagnostic analysis.  The diagnostics on the 5800 are much easier to read for the average person so troubleshooting will be more of a breeze.

Overall, this valve is a great valve to have and is a valve for the future.  I highly recommend looking at this valve in the future if you plan to ever change your water softener.

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Glenn Bandy
Date: 10/15/2013
Can anyone tell me how much Potassium this unit should consume per month. We have two people in our household and we are using 3 to 4 bags of potassium per month. At $17.00 per bag this seems like a lot?

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