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Multiple Contaminant Removal with KDF Process Media

Posted by on 11/7/2009

There are many different types of filtration media in the marketplace and each one claiming different things or having better results than others. The one media that is a step above the rest is the KDF process media. It is a special granulated mixture of copper and zinc-based alloys that can treat water through redox reactions. A redox reaction is explained simplest as a physical change in molecules or elements whether it is a splitting or an adding other molecules together. Therefore, the presence of harmful contaminants is changed into harmless components.

KDF process media is capable of treating a variety of contaminants including iron, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, heavy metals, scale, and microorganism growth without the use of chemicals or back-washing. KDF reacts with most metallic elements and hydrogen sulfide by creating insoluble forms which can be back-washed out of a filter system using a Fleck, Autotrol or Clack control valve.

KDF process media enhances the performance, extends the life, reduces maintenance and lowers replacement costs of many available carbon-based systems. It also helps control microorganisms by creating an environment that is deadly to some microorganisms and that interferes with the ability of many other microorganisms to function.

The typical life of KDF media when compared to carbon media is about 5-6x longer making up for the higher cost of the media. KDF should not be a replacement but a complimentary for carbon media. Together KDF can help relieve the stress placed on carbon when it comes to inorganic and chlorine removal allowing carbon to do what it does best which is removing organic contaminants. Purchase a KDF filter and see the difference in filter life as well as performance.

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