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MatriKX (15-250-125-20) 20"x2.5" +3 High Adsorptive Capacity 3 Micron Filter

MatriKX (15-250-125-20) 20"x2.5" +3 High Adsorptive Capacity 3 Micron Filter


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MATRIKX® CTO®+3 filters simultaneously remove chlorine taste and odor and organic chemicals that contribute to taste and odor while providing the particulate filtration and dirt-holding capacity of an efficient 3µm nominal sediment filter. These filters are optimized for applications where they perform the role of both a sediment and activated carbon filter.

KX®’s proprietary extrusion process allows the production of a carbon block with more carbon, but a lower pressure drop. This enables a MATRIKX® CTO®+3 filter to deliver extended life while removing sediment, chlorine taste and odor and organic contaminants from water, aqueous solutions or suspensions. The MATRIKX® CTO®+3 can be used for filtering organic solvents. The MATRIKX® CTO®+3 is ideal for use in residential and commercial water purification systems, food service, pre- and post-RO systems.

The MATRIKX® CTO®+3 is manufactured from high purity activated carbon. Its dirt-holding capacity and the absence of carbon fines makes the MATRIKX® CTO®+3 the filter of choice. A superior carbon block,
MATRIKX® CTO®+3 combines both high performance and integrity with an exceptional cost-to-performance value. As a result, MATRIKX® CTO®+3 virtually renders GAC filters obsolete by comparision.

MATRIKX® CTO®+3 filters consist of activated carbon particles fused into a uniform block with enhanced adsorptive capacity and efficiency. MATRIKX® CTO®+3 filters flow in a radial (outside-to-inside) direction, providing increased dirt-holding capacity and low pressure drop. Unlike granular activated carbon (GAC) filters, MATRIKX® CTO®+3 cartridges will not channel or bypass due to the extreme uniformity of their extruded activated carbon core. Service life of the MATRIKX® CTO®+3 filter is greatly extended by a prefiltration medium.

  • No channeling
  • No fluidizing
  • No bypassing
  • Lowest extractables, pure materials of construction
  • Maximum service life and resistance to fouling
  • Manufactured using FDA-compliant materials
  • Color coded molded one-piece gasket and end cap


  • PSID : 3.0 psid @ 2.0 GPM
  • Dimensions : 20" x 2.75"
  • Chlorine Life: >20,000 gal. @ 2.0 GPM