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Isopure Water (ISO-WH2-10B) Dual Stage 10" Big Blue Boy Whole House Filter

Isopure Water (ISO-WH2-10B) Dual Stage 10" Big Blue Boy Whole House Filter


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The Heavy-Duty Whole House Filter delivers clean and clear water to every faucet and showerhead in the home. With two stages of filtration, this unit utilizes oversized filter cartridges (10" x 4.5" aka Big Blue) and large 1" ports to reduce the pressure drop in any home. Perfect for offices or homes with limited space, or places incapable of having backwashing filters, or having the need of cartridges. Our units come fully built and ready for installation.

So what makes these different than everyone else? Most competitors use a smaller filter cartridges (ex: 10" x 2.5") with smaller ports. Although these units may be fine for small homes or offices, they will not effectively remove all contaminants for larger homes that demand a high flow rate.

Pre-loaded Filter Cartridges:

  • 5 Micron Sediment Filter
  • 10 Micron Carbon Block Filter


    • Sediment
    • Pesticides
    • Giardia Cysts
    • Chlorine
    • THMs
    • Bad tastes
    • Odors
    • Turbidity
    • Herbicides
    • VOC (volatile organic compounds)
    • MTBEs
    • And much more!

    Filter Specifications:

    • Sediment Filter Life - 6-12 months
    • Carbon Block Filter Life - 10,000 Gallons
    • Recommended Maximum Flow Rate: 3 GPM*


  • Filter Wrench
  • Metal Wall Mounting Bracket
  • Installation Instruction Included
  • 100% Satisfaction - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 2 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty


  • Maximum Flow Capacity: 40 GPM
  • Maximum operating pressure: 100 PSI
  • Operating temperature: 40-100oF
  • Dimensions: 18" height x 15" width x 8" depth

*The actual flow of water may be greater than 3 GPM but to have maximum efficiency of 95%+ than the flow of water should be 3 GPM or less.

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Big Blue Boy Filter set
We use these to filter spring water before going through a UV system. They are good quality and have not leaked at all. What's more to say?
Reviewed by: Eric Webb from Big Fork AR. on 7/28/2013


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