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Iron Whole House Filters

Filtration Media Media Description
Birm Birm is a manufactured medium consisting of plastic coated magnesium oxide. It causes iron and manganese to precipitate (change from a dissolved state to a particulate), then filters out the particulate. It can be used with or without an oxidizer. Its success without an oxidizer depends a great deal on the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water. This is a good way to filter out Iron, Manganese, and Hydrogen Sulfide without any chemicals however it requires a certain level of dissolved oxygen to use this media.
  • Bed depth : 30"-36"
  • Service flow : 3.5-5 GPM/sf
  • Backwash flow : 10-12 GPM/sf
Filox Filox media is an economical Iron and Hydrogen Sulfide filtration media that out performs traditional Greensand and Birm. No oxidizing chemicals are needed for regeneration. The media used is a high efficiency 80% manganese dioxide for enhanced performance. This is a great way to filter out Iron, Manganese, and Hydrogen Sulfide without any chemicals and has been reported to have a longer life than Birm.
  • Bed depth : 10"+
  • Service flow : 6 GPM/cf
  • Backwash flow : 16-30 GPM/sf
Manganese Greensand Manganese greensand is a purple-black filtration medium made from naturally occuring greensand coated with manganese. It serves as a catalyst to precipitate hydrogen sulfide, iron and manganese. It can be continously regenerated w/ chlorine and/or potassium permaganate. This is a good way to filter out Iron, Manganese and Hydrogen Sulfide and regenerate the media for long term use.
  • Bed depth : 30"-36"
  • Service flow : 2-5 GPM/sf
  • Backwash flow : 12-15 GPM/sf
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