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Fleck 5600 Water Softeners Are Perfect For Any Home

Posted on 4/20/2012 by

Water softeners are essential in helping us lower the heating bill, reduce the amount of soap used, and even lower the amount of time required to clean the spots off the glass or silverware.  Hard water is not very appealing to the eye when you see lime deposits on the faucets or white spots on your tiles or shower doors.  Slowly over time you notice that your heating bill starts to climb up over the years when you finally realize that you don’t use as much heat as they say you are.  You’ll find that your appliances and showers will slowly break down and will not allow water flow because of the hard water build up if they aren’t used every now and then. These are all things that water softeners can help prevent and sometimes reverse.

Soft water doesn’t contain any of the hard water minerals like calcium or magnesium. Instead, it carries sodium chloride (salt).  Soft water is more aggressive when it sees lime scale build up and will actually eat away any existing hard water until it is all gone. Water softeners are not difficult and using one doesn’t have to come with a headache.

Getting a Fleck 5600 water softener valve makes life a lot easier. Fleck 5600 valves are easy to program with just a flip of a dial. Programing takes less than 1 minute because it is a mechanical valve.  All you need to do is set the amount of gallons before it regenerates. Fleck’s come with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty to provide you with a worry free warranty.

Fleck 5600 valves work with any water softener tank and resin and it is best used for homes with a ¾” pipe to 1” pipe.  They do have a maximum limit of 2100 gallons before regeneration and should not be used with larger demand homes.  Fleck 5600 valves should not be used in home with special needs where changing the backwashing time or rinse time is required. 

So consider getting Fleck 5600 water softeners for your next purchase.  You’ll find that they will make your life headache free and nearly maintenance free.

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