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Drinking Water Ban, A Result Of Poor Water Filtration

Posted on 11/26/2010 by

Advanced water filters were unable to eliminate the most recent contaminate from the water systems of Barstow, California which resulted in nearly a week long water ban for residents. Water samples within the system were tested last Thursday and showed signs of heavy contamination of the contaminate perchlorate. Perchlorate is a substance primarily used in rocket fuels. The initial contamination of these water filtration systems is believed to have originated from then area�s Marine Core Logistics Base, however an approximate source is still undergoing investigation. Local officials are continuing to carry out tests within the area�s private wells as testing of the ground to find the source for the contaminant.

The found contaminant perchlorate within the water filtration systems completely shut down the area�s drinking water systems and residents living within the area were �banned� from consuming or using tap water for four plus days. Residents were advised to purchase bottled water to drink, cook with as well as bathe in.

The investigation of these water filter systems is still under way and the ban is still in effect for one home within the area as a result of the home being in a separate water pressure zone. The vast majority of the residents of the area have now been advised that the water is now safe to drink and that testing for the source of the contaminate is top priority within the area.

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