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Doulton (W9121200) 7" SuperSterasyl Candle Water Filter Element

Doulton (W9121200) 7" SuperSterasyl Candle Water Filter Element

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Doulton Ceramic Filter Elements have been trusted by relief organizations around the globe for over 150 years. These filters were developed in 1850 to remove disease causing bacteria from London's Thames River.

This cleanable ceramic water filter element is designed to reduce suspended solids, pathogenic bacteria, organic chemicals, and improve taste and odor. The 7" Super Sterasyl ceramic element is available only as a "candle" (fitted with a threaded plastic cap on one end).

The bore of the filter ceramic candle contains granular activated carbon to reduce organic chemicals and improve the color, taste, and odor of drinking water.
  • (1) 7" AquaCerasyl Plus will produce 7 gallons per day in a gravity filter.
  • Contaminant Removal: Pathogenic bacteria, Cysts, Sediment
  • Organic Chemicals: Pesticides, herbicides, organic solvents, trihalomethanes.
  • Chemicals Removed: Chlorine

Some restrictions apply to the sale of ceramic filters in the states of CA, WI, MA & IA. Call for details.

Maximum working pressure125 psi (8.6 bars)
Maximum working temperature100 °F (37.8 °C)
Minimum working temperature40 °F (4.4 °C)
Recommended cleaning frequencyevery 6 months or when flow rate is noticeably lower
Recommended change frequencyevery 12 months
Contaminant RemovalThe great majority of pathogenic (disease causing) bacteria and cysts are larger than one µ. The pore size of the ceramic filter element is controlled so that it will remove all suspended matter larger than 0.9 µ.
Pathogenic BacteriaChorela, Typhoid, Salmonella, Serratia, E. Coli, Fecal Coliform: >99.99% removal
CystsCryptosporidium parvum and Giardia lamblia: 100% removal (based on tests by Arizona State University)
SedimentDown to 0.9 µ, 100%; 0.5-0.8 µ with a filter efficiency of >99.99% (based on tests by Spectrum Laboratories, Minneapolis, MN)

The flow rate of the ceramic filter can be easily renewed by simply brushing its outer surface with a stiff toothbrush, plastic brush or soft scouring pad under running water. As the top layer of ceramic and the contaminants are brushed off and flushed away, a new layer becomes available. With the Sterasyl candle/cartridge this process can be repeated over 50 times and or when the diameter of the slimline element reaches 1.75/44 in./mm. Supersterasyl, Ultracarb and Supercarb candles/cartridges should be changed every 6-9 months as their carbon media will get exhausted sooner than the ceramic.
  • If filter has not been used for period of two days or longer the first 2 qts./litres should be wasted and let fresh water supply into the filter.
    • Carefully remove candle from the unit and handle it as any fragile ceramic. Using a soft toothbrush or soft scouring pad (3M Scotch-Bite® or similar), scrub the filter under running water or in a bowl of water. Always brush away from threaded mount, taking care not to contaminate the mount. Never use soap, detergents nor steel wool.
    • Be sure that sealing washer/s is properly seated before reinstalling it.
  • If you accidentally drop the candle and did not brake to ensure the integrity do the following test.
    • First the filter needs to be air dried for at least 24 hours.
    • Submerge it into water container while holding a finger over the outlet to keep the air inside.
    • If there is a crack the trapped air would exit through it and you would see bubbles indicating replacement.
"Hi DoultonUSA,
In my new home came installed a MT660 (IP100UC) Mountain Pure filter (under-sink filters as above) and I am trying to install a new ceramic candle MT661 RFC (Ultracarb candle). I cannot seem to unscrew the head from the sump (should be other way around), as I feel I am about to break the unit. Any ideas? Tips or tricks?"

1. Turn off the water to the filter.
2. Open (turn on) the filter faucet, this will relive the back pressure. Leave it open until faucet stop dripping.
3. Unscrew the sump as unscrewing a light bulb (CCW).
Once you change the ceramic candle wipe dry the sump "O" ring and apply a bit of cooking oil on it before screw in the sump.

Suggestions: Wear rubber gloves when cleaning. Cover the threaded mount with plastic and a rubber band or the candle O ring.

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