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Bicycles Bring Clean Water To Countries In Need

Posted on 2/23/2011 by

Pedal to metal could mean clean water for bike owners as an organization addressing the world's lack of access to clean drinking water has come up with a creative way to bring safe drinking water to areas in need.

Purified or safe drinking water is only available to roughly fifty percent of the global population, leaving the other half having to take their chances, travel long distances and/or go without. The company Nippon Basic has taken both obstacles (traveling long distances to access safe drinking as well as lack of access) into full consideration with their creation of water purifying bicycles.

A major difficulty for developing countries who rely on global aid organizations to install water purification systems is the maintenance. The residents of the area lack training, the technology is outdated or simply the water purification systems costs too much money for the residents to maintain and operate for an extended period of time. Since many residents of developing countries rely on bicycles as a form of transportation, Nippon Basic has developed a bicycle, CycoClean, that comes equipped with tires that do no puncture and with a built in water filter. A rider simply lowers the attached hose from the bicycle into the water source, turns the bicycle right side up, pumps the pedals with their hands therefore providing energy to suck the water back  into the filter and deliver it purified and toxin free.

The water filter attached to a CycoClean bicycle can filter 1.3 gallons of water minute.

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