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Aqualine (21IR-252005) 20"x2.75" "AquaPro" Iron Reduction Carbon Block 5 Micron Filter

Aqualine (21IR-252005) 20"x2.75" "AquaPro" Iron Reduction Carbon Block 5 Micron Filter


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Media / Element certified by ANSI/NSF61 requirement -Blend Activated Carbon Block for Chlorine, Iron, Manganese, Arsenic, Aluminum removal & Turbidity reduction.

  • Effective to reduce Chlorine, VOCs, Pesticides, Hazardous Chemicals, Odor removal and Taste Improvement.
  • Low pressure drop, high dirt holding capacity, durable physical strength, and steady flow to achieve reliable performance & long life usage.
  • Cartridges are manufactured in compliance with NSF and FDA requirement in material and processing.
  • Applications serve residential, commercial & industrial range with standard NPT DOE caps.



  • 85% Chlorine Reduction : 22,000 Liters @ 5 LPM
  • 85% Iron/Manganese Reduction : 8,000 Liters @ 5 LPM
  • Manufactured by CaWare #IBC Series



To know more about how the IBC effect for Iron removal :

#IBC altered the media blend in carbon block which us the most sophisticated catalytic water filtration media with extremely high capabilities of removing both Iron (Fe) and Manganese (Mn) simultaneously through catalytic oxidation and retention of precipitate. The plus claiming is also remove arsenic from a water supply given the correct conditions.

Catalytic Filter Media : The catalytic filter media is to boost oxidation capacity of low cost oxidant such as NaOCl. (Before the filter you inject oxidant.)

Iron and manganese in solution are in the form of lower valence oxi-hydroxides (example, ferrous hydroxide). Higher valence oxi-hydroxides (ferric hydroxide, red color) are not soluble in water around neutral pH. When the water with iron and manganese in solution and oxidant reaches the filter bed, the low valence hydroxides oxidize to high valence; insoluble form and precipitated particles are retained in the filter bed. This process would take place normally in a matter of days to weeks. The catalytic filter media makes this happen in minutes accelerating the reaction a few hundred times.

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